The author in Vienna

I am a PhD researcher in Statistical Machine Learning at Imperial College London with Dr Stefanos Zafeiriou working on Geometric and Bayesian Deep Learning with applications to Computer Vision. Previously, I was a research intern at Speechmatics (Cantab Research Ltd.) where I worked on improving the company’s recurrent neural network language models. Prior to this, I was a Data Scientist at HarperCollins Publishers in London. I graduated with an MSc in Advanced Computing from Imperial College London, and a Diplôme d’Ingénieur in Applied Mathematics and CS from Ensimag (Grenoble).

See my Curriculum Vitae or my short Resume.

Current research interests

Besides what I do at work, I am interested in a variety of topics in Machine Learning, notably in statistical learning and optimisation.

  • Non-euclidean geometry in Machine Learning (manifold learning, Riemannian optimisation)
  • Approximate inference in probabilistic graphical models
  • Representation learning and component analysis
  • Tensor methods, sparse coding, compressed sensing (see my MSc thesis)
  • Social network analysis, more precisely influence propagation

My preferred applications are in data science, computer vision, and medical research.


Mehdi Bahri (GitHub/LinkedIn/Quora).

Mail: mehdi [dot] b [dot] tn [at] gmail [dot] com